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Many associate Fall with football. It is a time of (hopefully) cooler weather and Friday nights in the stands cheering for the local teams. This year we have fewer than normal participating on the team, but on any given weekend you can find our house parents with the whole cottage cheering on their cottage-mates and friends. Team sports are a great way to learn about commitment and community and you are making it possible for us to serve kids in this and so many other special ways that bring a smile to their faces. Thank you for allowing us to [...]

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Education, Recreation & Spiritual Development

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If we hope to transform the lives of our children, we must often reframe their view of education. Many children come into care thinking that school is a place where their inadequacies are exposed, and their insecurities grow. For our kids to succeed as they go back to school, we must be intentional in building them up with every opportunity! Throughout the summer, the children at Texas Girls & Boys Ranch participate in a program designed to enrich their lives in as many ways as possible. Each child we serve engages in arts and crafts, games, equine therapy, cultural enrichment [...]

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Campus Corner

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The house parents and kids have begun dreaming and making plans for this summer. It is an especially exciting time this year with the promise of activities WITHOUT COVID restrictions. Many of our kids have never been on a true vacation where they take in cultural activities, try regional foods and/or see variations in landscape other than that of West Texas. Some of them may have never been able to ask, “Are we there yet?” But with your help, we can make it happen. Summer will be here before we know it and we want to thank you for helping [...]

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Spiritual Development

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It is always amazing to watch a child face challenges and overcome them. Over the past school year, two of our girls at Texas Girls & Boys Ranch have done exactly that. Arriving both prepared and early to tutoring almost every day, these two girls made the most of the time they had with our tutoring volunteers. In spite of the deficits they had beginning the semester, they set their minds to completing each assignment to the best of their ability. And through the ebb and flow of tears and laughter, these girls never let the challenge of school [...]

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