The Ranch

Hurting children are like buckets with a hole in the bottom. The hole represents years of abuse and neglect, years of not knowing what to expect, years of wondering if they would get to eat on a particular day. These holes keep them from filling up their buckets with joy. Thanks to you, however, we are able to fill the holes and also help fill children’s emotional, spiritual, and physical buckets with love and hope. With your support, we are able to meet the needs of children who come to live at the Ranch.. They receive care in a home-like setting in one of four on-campus cottages and they have the opportunity to work on the Ranch if they choose. They receive counseling, attend Roosevelt Independent Schools and get help with their education, and they have the opportunity to reach their full potential spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

You make it possible to provide counseling, tutoring, and other specialized services to each  and every child at the Ranch and in our other programs. Because of you, children enjoy individualized, tailor-made services to repair their little broken lives. We couldn’t do this without you. Please consider a tax deductible donation.

Is This Your Calling?

If you are interested in changing the lives of the boys and girls by becoming one of our volunteers, you can call our office at (806) 747 3187. We are always looking for caring people to love the children we serve.

My caregiver taught us…

“…how to be respectful to one another and be kind to one another and to always think about God.”
– Kaylee, age 8

Here are ways to support our boys and girls:

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