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The mentor program is designed to provide a child with a supportive friend aside from family or staff. The hope is that each mentor will enhance the life of a child by establishing a close personal relationship and by providing opportunities the child may not otherwise receive. The program is meant to augment and support the daily care program of Texas Girls & Boys Ranch. This program is also an opportunity for a mentor to enrich his or her own life by spending time with a child. While the child is in the company of a mentor, the mentor will be responsible for the general care and supervision of the child. It is the desire of the staff of Texas Girls & Boys Ranch that the mentor will become an integral part of the child’s life and the child care team.

What is the Commitment to mentor?

A child’s mentor should plan to see, call, write, or have the child in his or her home at least every other week. It is recommended that the child be able to spend one weekend each month with their mentor. A mentor must consider carefully the demands of the job and be willing to commit at least one full year to the child.

Other levels and styles of involvement may also be appropriate for a child. Consistency and dependability in the relationship are critical to the child. Whatever you commit to this program, it is important that the child’s expectations are properly set and that you do your best to follow through for the child.

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What is day-to-day for a mentor?

During your time together, you and the child will plan to do the activities you both enjoy. These might be watching a movie, bowling, picnics, playing ball, sharing a project, shopping, or just relaxing at home.  

You might share trade or sports skills with the child or help with tutoring in academic subjects. Reading a story or article of mutual interest with the child and discussing the ideas presented can be a great way to share perspective and values. 

Extended visits and time away from campus are special; however, these times should be balanced. It is not in the best interest of the child to be separated from their cottage and routine for a major part of their free time.

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What is day-to-day for a mentor?

  • Complete and return an application to Texas Girls & Boys Ranch. (For every member of the household over age 14)
  • Provide contact information for five personal references.
  • Complete a request for a background check, which would allow Texas Girls & Boys Ranch to initiate a criminal records check through the Texas Department of Protective and Family Services. (For every member of the household over age 14)
  • Obtain an FBI fingerprint background check, at the expense of the mentor.
  • Obtain a TB test, at the expense of the mentor. (For every member of the household)
  • A personal interview is scheduled and conducted with the Program Director and Case Manager.
  • The applicant participates in the next scheduled (monthly) orientation.
  • Introduction to children and staff is made and limited visits begin.
  • Final approval and privileges are granted.
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