Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

We are currently seeking individuals who are passionate about making a difference beyond the paycheck. Our Core Values seek caring team members to serve as advocates for our children by providing structure, love, and care.


C  Christ-Centered. Our moral compass points to God’s divine message of faith, hope, and love in all treatment & care for our children and families.
A Advocacy Driven. Recruit relentless God and Child loving advocates; determined to treat and care for children traumatized by abuse & neglect within our sphere of influence.
R – Relationship Focused. We create connections! Our team members and volunteers connect with our children and their families through positive nurturing relationships that promote unity.
E – Empathy Led. Compassion is the catalyst for action. We must have and demonstrate empathy for children and families to make our mission and ministry thrive.
Our Core Values accompanied with our Mission are to share Jesus, heal hearts and transform lives. If you share in this calling, please apply below we would love to meet you.
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Houseparent Positions

If you are interested in a Houseparent position, please

contact Heather Mahan at 806-747-3187 or