February 25, 2022

Donor Appreciation

It is such a blessing to be able to do what I love for a living. Asking you, our friends and donors for the funds necessary to fulfill our mission is easy. But sometimes I get so focused on the WHAT ($$$$$) that I can lose sight of the WHY.

What is the WHY? It is the three siblings who are so happy to be together in one foster family after being split up for months, but who now face separation again if we can’t find an adoptive family who will take all three. It’s the teen girl who has been in care for over a year who still struggles with the pain from her past and how to cope. It is the group of siblings who came through the Children’s Shelter and their parents worked so hard to do what it took to get them back, and our staff working closely with them to help them succeed. It is the kids who came to us one to two years behind in school and our staff working diligently to get them back on track, and the joy and pride those children felt when they got caught up with their peers.

I love working on the WHAT because the WHY is so important. I know you also see its importance and that is why you are so generous in your giving. Whenever you see that next appeal in your mail or attend the next fundraiser for TxGBR, I hope you also are not only focused on the WHAT, but that you can also remember the WHY. Thank you for being so generous in 2021. Together let’s make 2022 just as amazing!