August 18, 2021

Campus Corner

At Texas Girls & Boys Ranch we have 4 Cottages plus an Emergency Children’s Shelter where the children live with two houseparents and any children the houseparents may have of their own. Many times that can amount to up to 10 people in the house!

As you might imagine, shopping for a house of 10 hungry mouths can be quite the task. To make the shopping process easier, TXGBR has a commissary from which house parents can order all groceries. The process is simplified by a single order form turned into our commissary staff, Lacy, on a weekly basis. From that point, Lacy does an amazing job of finding the sales and bulk items to help minimize costs. Then, before Wednesday rolls around, she has each of the cottages’ and the TXGBR Children’s Shelter’s groceries separated into plastic bins, ready for delivery.

A while back, one of our hourly staff members happened to be helping in a cottage around grocery delivery time. The staff stood in awe as one tub after another was unloaded for this single cottage. With 7 tubs covering every last space available on the counters, the staff member stated, “I didn’t realize how many groceries you go through in a month!” With a smile on their faces, the house parents responded, “These are just for this week. We’ll get another delivery next Wednesday.”