January 28, 2021

Foster Focus

Being a teenager is hard enough but being a teenager in foster care can be even more challenging. There are teens who graduate from school and from foster care and suddenly have to face going into the world all on their own.

Most young adults need support from their family once they leave home. They call home to ask for advice about how to cook something, or how to complete adult tasks such as filing taxes or buying a car. They may even call to ask for help paying a bill. They also usually want a place to go for the holidays and special events such as birthdays. Teens leaving foster care may not have that type of support system available if it weren’t for places like Texas Girls & Boys Ranch. 

Recently we had a very special opportunity to tell a 17-year-old young lady that her sponsors had been approved to adopt her. They were willing to take her into their home and make her part of their family, knowing that she would be becoming independent very soon. Her reaction and the tears of joy brought tears to many of us at the Ranch. We are thrilled for her and happy beyond measure as this is the type of occasion which fuels our passion for what we do.